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Please give us a feedback, we would like to hear the comments from you and let us improving to serve you better time by time. We appreciate all customers gave the recommands in this page. Please give us a comments from our store Facebook:


Nh B. Montclair, CA, 11/14/2011

I fell upon Alyssa's through Yelp and scheduled a first-time appointment for a mani-pedi. The place is easy enough to find. It's in a tiny strip mall just off Moreno Street in Montclair. Turn into the parking lot next to Pier One Imports and you'll find Alyssa's toward the back.
My appointment was just after lunch on a Friday so it wasn't crowded, but still moderately busy. When I first walked in, I was caught off-guard because it seemed like every employee in the shop greeted me with some sort of welcome!
Almost immediately, I was taken to a big, reclining chair and was asked to make myself comfortable. Wasting no time, one woman started soaking my feet for the pedicure while another prepared my hands for a manicure.

I noticed a customer laying in a chair across from me who was having something done to her eyes. I thought "Alyssa's Nails" was simply a nail salon so I was curious as to what the customer was having done (she looked so relaxed I thought she was sleeping). Unbeknownst to me, it turns out Alyssa's offers a myriad of other services including eyelash extensions, which is what that lady was having done.
Eyelash extensions always seemed to be an indulgent, luxurious treat not intended for people with my limited income. The affordable prices at Alyssa's finally made it a possibility. Luckily, the eyelash application was incorporated into my mani-pedi appointment and my fingers, toes and bald eyes were transformed at the same time!

I can't say enough good things about the women technicians who were attentive, friendly, meticulous, and very accommodating. I would love to give credit to each of them individually, but I'm embarrassed to admit I lost the paper containing their names!
I really love this salon and look forward to being a regular customer...

Mandy V. West Covina, CA, 11/11/2011

This is my new go-to place for my eyelash extensions. Granted they are a bit pricey, they do an amazing job and make sure that you are comfortable while they are working on your lashes. The first time I went in I actually fell asleep while the girl was putting on my individual lashes. I mention individual because many places put in clusters and make it look less than natural. I love my lashes, they last me a couple of weeks before I need to come in for a fill and they feel, well, actually I can't feel them at all! I have never gotten my nails done here, but the customers that have been here getting nails done all seemed very happy with the service and they seem to be repeat customers. Each time I have come in I called ahead and the lady(ies) that have answered were always kind enough. The salon is pretty small, def not a place for kids. I have taken in my 3 year old mid week and made sure she had something to keep herself occupied, but if you can leave the kids at home, that would make the experience a little more relaxing.

Erica C. Ontario, CA, 11/9/2011

Go early, before noon. Hardly any wait. ;-)
Ask for Hannah. Sweet , polite and did a great job. Best pedi on forever! Super detailed and accommodating.

Mashonda B. Hemet, CA, 7/6/2011

I never write reviews number one. However, I want to give credit when credit is due! I have gone to this nails salon for 4 years. The staff is always sweet and nice (always) very professional. The shop is clean and I love the butterflies .

I have worn lashes for 4 years and the lashes are a great price but more importantly to me they last the entire 3 weeks they promise ( I have really oily skin and they still last). I prefer the mink individuals myself but there are cheaper lashes and different styles. The mink lashes look very natural you'll love them. I also get Facials and gel manicures again I love this place.

Over the last four years I've never seen anyone in the shop mistreat anyone so some of these reviews make me wonder if theses young ladies were at the wrong shop or work for another shop. I know other shops must be a little jealous because this full service shop will make you a fan after the first visit. I travel from San Diego for the quality and service the prices help!

Rowena T. Montclair, CA, 7/1/2011

My sister in law and I discovered Alyssa's Nails back in April for eyelash extension and been hooked on them since. I love how natural it looks and feel on my eye. Tin, the owner, is amazing at what she does. She shapes and trims the lash according to the shape of your eye. And it last long without falling out. I get a touch up atleast ones a month or when I have an event to go to. Just tell her you have an event or a trip coming up and she will make them full and extra dramatic for you.
The price is great, $60 to start and $5-$30 for touch ups. I usually just go with the $30 to make sure they last another month.
I get so many compliments on my lashes and already referred people to them who are now regular customers.

Stacy p. Glendale, CA, 6/30/2011

Professional, clean, courteous and super affordable are all perfect words to describe this salon!

I had always wanted to try eyelash extensions and when I read the other reviews on Yelp I decided to visit Alyssa's Nails. Im on a budget, so it was nice that they had 3 different types of eyelashes to choose from. I purchased the $60 lashes, which is a price that cant be beat (I price shopped before committing). The 2 times I have had them done I left the salon feeling absolutely gorgeous and very impressed with my experience.

Tien (the owner) took her time during my appointment and the end result was long, natural looking lashes. It makes it so easy to get ready in the mornings now and on the weekends I just throw on some gloss and im done! Its also a really relaxing service. You close your eyes for an hour while she works on you so you're forced to unwind. Once the lashes are on you can't feel them at all. My husband thinks they look hot too! LOVE, LOVE , LOVE THEM!!!

Amy N. Chino, CA, 6/16/2011

First off, this place is AWESOME! they have great services here and to top everything, the workers are super funny and they're very nice people!
I've been going to this shop for almost 6 months and I absolutely love the way they do my services. Their ways of doing eyelash extensions are simply amazing. The owner treats everyone with respects, to her workers and even her customers! I'm a very picky person when it comes to people touching my eyelashes, and i 100 percent trust them with mine, only because they give their all to make my eyelashes look beautiful. i would recommend to make appointments because they do get a little busy, but I've walked in before. The wait may be long but to be honest, it is totally worth it. I have not been disappointed with anything that was done at this salon. All in all, i would recommend everyone to come here! :)

Michelle A. Claremont, CA, 6/11/2010 Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

Not your run-of-the-mill nail salon. Tien and her ladies work their magic on your eyes, face, hands, and feet...oh, and don't forget your eyelash extensions.
You will be happy for sure.

Yvonne C. Massage by Yvonne, Montclair, CA, 6/7/2011

My only "complaint" was the wait, but that's my fault for not having an appointment. The place was clean, and Kim did a good job on my nails. It's a little more expensive than the average nail salon, but I figure you get what you pay for! Although it wasn't the best pedicure I've ever had, I'd definitely go back.

Veronica M. Los Angeles, CA, 5/21/2011

Alyssa's nails is a great place! I come here to get manicures, pedicures and waxing done on a regular basis. The staff is always very friendly and they notice and appreciate that I am a frequent customer. The prices are pretty well priced for the services they offer. Although I've never tried the eyelash extensions, it never fails that every time I go in there are at least 1 or 2 people getting them done. The only drawback to Alyssa's is that because they are so good, they are really busy on Fridays and Saturdays and you can potentially wait a long time to get services done. I'd suggest if you go on those two days to call ahead and schedule an appointment. I usually go during the week, during the day and they are much slower at that time! Overall I love this place and would recommend it highly.... I definitely will not be going anywhere else for a nail salon!

Christine L. Glendora, CA, 5/18/2011

I have been going to this salon for years. I love it for many reasons.
1. The work that they do is wonderful from the eyelashes to the feet and nails and everything else .
2. It is peaceful nurturing, clean place to go to get away from the stressful world we live in.
3.I love Tien and the way she treats everyone of her clients and workers.

I will forever go there
Love you Tien, thank you for all your care.
Christine Lyskawa (:

Jeana L. Fontana, CA, 5/15/2011

Okay, so I went back again to get another set the other day, and I was surprised at how natural it looked this time around. Apparently the owner, who did my set this time was on vacation so another lady did my extensions. I had them done by the owner who was very friendly and did a GREAT JOB on my eyelash extensions. I will be coming back here from now on. I love love them and you can't beat the price of $60 anywhere.

Sarah W. Ontario, CA, 2/24/2011

I am SOOOO happy I went here for my Eyelash Extensions! My Mom went to a different salon and paid $150 for hers, and that's just not in my budget. My co-worker (that's been going here for 6 years!) referred me to the owner, and said she's wonderful and does a great job.

The compliments have been constant, "Are those your eyelashes?? Wow! They look sooooo good!! I want to get those too!"

I LOVE that I don't have to put on mascara anymore. I just wake up, and go! It's definitely worth the money. The owner is so sweet, caring, and attentive. She definitely has a new customer for life, I couldn't be happier :)

Sarah Watamura

PAMELA L. Upland, CA, 10/7/2010

I have no complaints. I actually fell asleep while getting my lashes done, that's how relaxing it is. No complaints, service is wonderful and prices are perfect! I've walked in with no appointment at times and only waited minutes before being taken in.

Melissa P. Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 5/31/2010

Alyssa Nails is the best place I have to been to for eyelash extensions. Prices are very reasonable compared to the prices at other salons. The owner and employees are fantastic, everyone is so nice. Not to mention their work and the quality of their products are great! I recommend this salon to anyone!!!!

Angela N. Moreno Valley, CA, Updated - 5/10/2010

My daughter took me to have a facial....I Had the most AMAZING time at Alyssa nails mothers day weekend...Tien the owner provided a free champagne buffet to all her guest....It was very welcoming and extremely relaxing. This was the first time I had ever had a facial so I was somewhat skeptical as to what to expect. It was one of the most relaxing and unwinding experience; Tien made this experience FANTASTIC, my face is glowing I wish I had done this sooner. My plan is to have one at least once a month....Great prices, good food and excellent service. Thank you Tien, for making my mother's day special.
Angela...AKA Drag Queen.


I have been a customer of Alyssa's Nails for over 5 years now; Tien the owner has been doing my lashes as long as I have been a customer....I refer all of my friends and family to her shop she is the best there is.

Her establishment is clean and the service is top notch. I have heard of other places charging outrageous amounts to people to get their lashes done and none of them compare to the work that Alyssa's Nails offers. Don't let the name fool you its not just nails; facials, pedicures, lashes, eye brows you name it she does it. I am waiting for her to start doing permanent make-up. Tien is the best in her field I always feel comfortable when I am there. I love you Tien for keeping me beautiful and keeping the cost reasonable.
Angela and Serbrina.

Tiffi M. Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 3/24/2010

Wanna go to a happy place? Then you surely must go to Alyssa's Nails. They beautify, intensify and enhance whatever you already have going for yourself. This is my home away from home. With a diverse clientele and warm ambience, Alyssa's Nails aims to please!!! I never knew that a nail shop could complete me!!! HAHA

Sharon W. Glendora, CA, Updated - 1/14/2010

This is the best kept secret in the inland empire!The service is top notch!And Tien,the owner is a jewel. She does the best individual lashes I've ever had, and I've tried plenty. My skin has never looked better, I have very sensitive skin and not once have I experienced a challenge. And the "Hot Rock Massage" is phenomenal! She gets every lump and bump you might think you have. I absolutely love this intimate little spot. The fee's are also very responsible. LOVE IT!!!


I have been a customer here for quite awhile and I am always surprised each time by the wonderful service I receive.Her technique of eyelash extensions are the best Ive ever had.Their massage is heaven,and the facials are a total pamper experience.Not to mention my skin has never looked better.Thien the owner always treats each customer as if they were family.She is a very sweet and giving person that recognizes the importance of social giving.She stands behind the quality of products she uses and her work.Her salon is truly an experience that all would enjoy.

Torie W. Claremont, CA, 8/3/2009

This place is right next door to my hair salon. After having my hair done I go there for my manicure, pedicure and eye brows. The employees are friendly, respectful and considerate. I won't have my nails or eye brows done anywhere else.

Gina M. Torrance, CA, 5/6/2007

Eyelash Extensions are such a trend these days. I've had some friends who got some and you can tell they're fake, they stick out, they're too thick, etc. I've also seen good ones, but they usually spend about $100. I was recommended by 3 of my friends that this was the place to go to for the latest trend. Tien, the owner, does a good job! She's a sweet and nice person who cares for her customers, employees, and her shop. She uses 3D Lashes products and proudly backs up its quality. The average price seems to be around $50 - $150, but this place is very reasonable in price...

$60 for individual lashes
$45 for grouped lashes
$15 for touch ups

** My girl friend made the appt for me, but Tien forgot to write in her schedule. When I arrived I was told I had to wait 1 hr which surprised me and upset me since I drove 1 hr from Torrance. After jogging her memory, she made a solid effort to make up for her forgetfulness and seated me immediately for my appt. This considerate service and the good job she did on my lashes is why I'm giving her 5 stars.